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    R 792.10203 Definitions.

    Rule 203.
    As used in these rules:
    (a) "Act" means 1973 PA 186, MCL 205.701 to 205.779.
    (b) "Administrative law judge" means any person assigned by mahs to preside over and hear a tribunal proceeding including, but not limited to, tribunal members and hearing officers.
    (c) "Administrator" means the tribunal chair or a tribunal member who has been delegated the authority to render a final decision in a tribunal proceeding.
    (d) "Authorized representative" means a person, other than an attorney, who is selected by a party to appear on the party's behalf before the tribunal.
    (e) "Clerk" means the chief clerk or a deputy clerk of the tribunal.
    (f) "Entire tribunal" means the hearing division of the tribunal other than the small claims division.
    (g) "Non-property tax appeal" means any proceeding, other than a property tax appeal, over which the tribunal has jurisdiction.
    (h) "Proceeding" means a contested case in which a determination of the legal rights, duties, or privileges of a named party or parties is required by law to be made after an opportunity for a hearing.
    (i) "Property tax appeal" means any proceeding relating to real and personal property assessments, valuations, rates, special assessments, refunds, allocation, or equalization or any other proceeding brought before the tribunal under the state's property tax laws.
    (j) "Referee" means a contractual small claims hearing referee whose powers are limited to those provided by the tribunal.
    (k) "Small claims division" means the residential property and small claims division created by section 61 of the act, MCL 205.761.
    (l) "Tribunal member" means an individual who is appointed by the governor as a tribunal judge with quasi-judicial powers as provided in the act.
    (m) The terms defined in the act and in 1893 PA 206, MCL 211.1 to 211.155, have the same meanings when used in these rules.
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