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  Construction Bids
  How does Facilities and Business Services Administration Design and Construction Division advertise for construction bids?
  Can I provide a letter of credit in lieu of bid security or payment/performance bonds?
  When do I get my bid security back if I am not the successful bidder?
  Who Can Do Business With Facilities and Business Services Administration, Design and Construction Division?
  When is a Certificate of Awardability required?
  How do I get a Certificate of Awardability?
  Can I fax my bid?
  How do I get paid?
  What if a bid is received after the deadline through no fault of the bidder?
  Does the contractor have to use local laborers?
  Is there a preference for a Michigan-based business?
  How can I modify my price after I submit my bid?
  Do I need to be pre-qualified?
  Can I submit a bid (proposal) on my company's standard form?
  Does a contractor pay state taxes on materials purchased for a state contract?

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