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      Overpayments FAQ
      What is an overpayment of Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits?
      What can cause an overpayment of UI Benefits?
      How was the overpayment determined?
      If I disagree with owing the overpaid amount can I file a Protest or Appeal?
      How do I file a Protest or Appeal?
      Does filing an appeal stop collection activity?
      I am currently collecting unemployment benefits. How will my overpayment balance affect my claim?
      Why does the total overpayment amount include the money that was withheld for child support and state/federal income tax withholding?
      How will I know the balance of my overpayment?
      I am unable to pay the balance in full. Can I setup a monthly payment plan?
      What collection efforts will be used to recover the overpayment?
      How do I avoid collection activity against me?
      If my overpayment account has been transferred to the Benefit Enforcement Unit (BEU), who do I contact?
      What are the penalties for fraudulently collecting unemployment benefits?
      Can I be prosecuted for fraudulently collecting unemployment benefits?
      I am making payments (payments are coming from my calls to MARVIN), why are you intercepting my state (federal) income tax refund?
      Will my 1099G income tax form be adjusted since I was overpaid and I have to pay back the benefits that I received?
      If the overpayment is in my spouse's name, why are you intercepting my tax refund/If the overpayment is in my name, why are you intercepting my spouse's tax refund?
      I returned my unemployment check, why do I still owe a balance?
      Can I request UIA to waive repayment of my restitution due to financial hardship?
      If I am unable to repay an overpayment, can the agency stop sending me monthly bills?
      Will my overpayment balance be written off if I file bankruptcy?
      What other resources are available if I am disqualified or not eligible for UI benefits?
      Who do I contact if I have further questions?

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