Michigan Liquor Control Commission Application Status Check Information


Dear Licensee,


We are very excited to introduce the newest feature to our website, an application status checking database. This feature will help you check the status of new applications, outdoor permits, special licenses, add-ons, etc. It is anticipated this feature will eliminate a majority of the over 2,500 telephone status calls answered monthly by the Commission Licensing staff.


A computer liaison team has been working diligently toward an online application tracking database that will provide external customers with the ability to review licensing application statuses online. The rewrite and testing process is complete and ready for use.


To access your request, you may search by Applicant name, Business ID, Request ID, Street address, Mailing city or Governmental Unit in which the proposed business will be located, i.e. city, township etc. then hit the ENTER KEY or scroll down and click on SUBMIT. Once the application you are interested in is located, click on the business in question and the application status will be displayed.


After you have reached the application you are interested in, click on the Blue Request ID number and the application status will be displayed. If the status reflects PENDING, be aware that Michigan Liquor Control Commission has not received and/or reviewed all information necessary to process the request. If there is a date in the RECEIVED column, the information outlined in the Description Field has been received.


If you have any questions or need further direction, please feel free to contact the Commission Licensing Division at 517-322-1400.


Thank you for your time and patience,


Sharon Martin, Director, MLCC Licensing Division


 Application Status Check