Welcome to the new Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, a customer-focused department that combines the programs formerly under Michigan Departments of Community Health and Human Services.

Our vision for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is to promote better health outcomes, reduce health risks, and support stable and safe families while encouraging self-sufficiency.

The creation of the new department is a natural next step in our efforts to coordinate our systems, be better aligned internally, and build upon much of the successful partnerships we already have together.

Governor Rick Snyder announced his vision for focusing government on people rather than programs. He called this new perspective, "The River of Opportunity." Gov. Snyder signed an executive order to create the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on February 6, naming Nick Lyon as the director of the new department. Lyon had previously and concurrently served as director of the Michigan Department of Community Health and interim director of the Department of Human Services. Click here to meet Director Lyon.

We appreciate your patience while we sort out the details and work on a new and improved website. Thank you.